Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Craftastic Weekend!

This past weekend was packed full of crafting and fun! I PROMISE to have the tutorial for the ripple afghan up before this weekend. Poot and I are photographing my steps and taking longer than I thought.
Here are the gifts I made for my momma's birthday:

A crochet hook holder! I am so making myself one of these now!

A wreath for her newly decorated kitchen.

A mixed cd to paint to!!

Everytime I pull out my crafting supplies my little craft mascot is always nearby:

This is little Betty Jo and she is as obsessed with yarn as I am!!

We made lots of yummy food and tried new wine!

Vampire Wine...very yummy!

Chocolate & Peanut Butter Cheesecake...so not on the diet!

Figs stuffed with ricotta, pistachios, and honey! So delicious!!
And my record player is finally back from the repair shop! It has been there for over a month because the ceramic element was out in the speaker! We have been listening to it nonstop....I love it!

This week is going to be fun and crazy busy! Baby shower, bingo, craft night, and anoter birthday celebration dinner for Poot's dad! I am so looking forward to it all!
Happy Tuesday!!


chelsey. said...

your record player is really pretty!

and i love all of the things you made your mom. i'm thinking about sewing up a crochet hook case for myself--this just made me definitely want to put that on a to-do list!

and those figs make me want to die. they look so yummy!

Unknown said...

oh what a bunch of cuteness I love your record player we just got one too and we love listening too it!

Happy birthday to your cute mom!


Catherine Holman said...

Thanks sweetie for all the wonderfully crafted birthday gifts! I love them all and am so proud of your craftiness! See you on craft night.

Anonymous said...

Aww crafy goodness! very cute.
I would like the cake and the figs. Love figs.

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

love those gifts for you mom- they all look so awesome!!!
and what a cuuuuuuteeeee cat!!!

Becky Farley said...

Holy crap! lol You made SOOOO much! Yay for the tutorial soon!! Chesley is making one and now I want to give it a try!

I love the hook holder! Clever and very cute!

That cat has crazy PEOPLE eyes - growing up we had a cat, Muffin, and she had people eyes too! -It's weird!

That pie is my most favorite pie EVER!!! Now I want some!
Your record player is awesome!

chelsey. said...

i am totally down with going to the next rva/ bloggers meet up. every time one is happening, i'm always out of town!!

Jenny said...

Wow, your Mom sent me over to see your clever blog and I'm glad I came. Off to read some older posts now. And what a lovely, thoughtful daughter you are!