Sunday, April 19, 2009

Touring Kansas City

Saturday we took Scott's niece and nephew, Brandon and Bailey, out for a day of fun in the city. We started our day out walking through the Nelson Art Mueseum. I am so thankful that our city has such an amazing museum. The kids were really freaked out by the "wax" security guard. It looks so real. After all the walking we did looking at art we worked up an appetite, so we headed over to Joes Pizza. This place has some great pizza and they serve it with honey on the side. If you have never tried this before, trust me it is out of this world (especially on sausage pizza). I was bad and had a slice!(I am paying the price today since I have a gluten intolerance) Brandon and Bailey loved being in the city! They kept saying they felt like they were in New York. It was so cute.

After our pitstop for pizza we stopped by Union Station. Science City was getting ready to close so we weren't able to experience that but we will definatly be back to check it out. We decided to walk on over to Crown Center and check out the toy shop. We were said to see that it had closed!! But all was redeemed when we got to take some funny pictures in a photobooth!! It was such a nice day out so we walked around downtown for a little bit before heading home for a round of boardgames. I think I can speak for all of us and say that the perfect ending to our day was dinner at Steak and Shake, where we of course all enjoy yummy shakes!!

I love spending time with these kids! They are so cute!! I can't wait for our next adventure together. We love you guys!!


Catherine Holman said...

Hey, that was quick! Your flicker link is working.

One eye wonder dog said...

Great pictures and the new design on the blog looks good.
Love ya........