Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I am loving...

that this is a short week for me!! It is making it very hard for me to concentrate at work though. Only 2 more days until the wedding. I thought I would pop in and give a little list of things that I am obsessing over this week. These are the things that are making the week a little more bearable for me:

(image from
I am loving these short jumpsuits. Not sure that I could actually wear one, but they remind me of outfits I wore as a child.


(image from elsie at

(image from

3.Music from these artists

(image from

(image from

4.Daydreaming of swimming here next week:

(Hamilton Pool in Austin, TX image found on

5.Drinking my share of this:

(image from

6. Knitting on the open road. Along with embroidering, and crocheting. I can't wait!

(image from

7.Hoping to finish this:

and start this on our trip:

8. and most importantly...marrying this guy!! I can't wait!!


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