Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Kansas City Grafitti Artist & Allergies!!

A couple of days a week I work at Children's Mercy Hospital. This place is so magical and is so well staffed. I am very thankful that we have a hospital like this within our city. They think of everything here. So many of the children actually look forward to coming here! That is saying something, I think. Well...they have been doing some remodeling work on the front enterance for several weeks. So I was very suprised the other mornning when I pulled up to find that they had "covered" their work with this:

This art work was done by Donald "Scribe" Ross. He has done several paintings throughout the hospital and can be seen on several buildings downtown. Here are a couple of my favorites:

I love finding this type of grafitti around our art district. He is currently writing a childrens book that will no doubt be a hit.

Today I stayed home from work because my allergies got the best of me. It has really been affecting my eyes lately. Over the past few weeks by noon if not earlier my eyes are as red as tomatoes and just burn. I look like a druggie or maybe a vampire! I unfortantly can't see very well with my glasses even though they are a new i went to the eye doctor today and he has ordered me new contacts. Has anyone tried the Acuvue Oasis? I really hope they work. They say they are good for people who work with computers alot...and I would say I spend roughly 90% of my day at a computer!! Since I was at home all day I finally was able to finish Eclipse and have already started Breaking Dawn. I don't want it to end!!

So which are you?

or Team:

**I hate to say it put I am team Jacob...and I really wasn't very impressed with the movie. I am going to give New Moon a shot though since it is mainly about Jacob!

Oh...I also talked to my fried Lisa tonight and we have decided that starting next week, we are going to go to the gym together Mon-Wed and Thursdays take a yoga class. We are hoping that going together will make us more accountable and motivated. I am really looking forward to spending more time with Lisa while getting into shape. I have so many cute clothes that are just waiting to be pulled out of their tubs and worn again.

Well... going to work on a couple baby gifts!! Happy Wednesday!


chelseybell. said...

i'm team edward--jacob kind of annoys me, but he's cute.

i was disappointed in the movie as well. i know the story is uber-dramatic, but the movie just made it even more so in the silliest of ways.

i'm hoping new moon can help redeem the franchise, and make me feel not so silly about geeking out over the whole thing :).

{Amy} said...

Totally Team Edward here. :) Katie is a team Jacob! Oh, and I use the Oasis contacts, and I.LOVE.THEM!!