Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ain't no stopping me now...

from crafting!! For the past two weeks I have had a poison oak rash on the inside of my right arm. It has been driving me insane and it looks horrible. Thankfully it is on the inside of my arm...but in the crease. So needless to say alot of movement just aggrevates it. Last night I was working on my first project from the RVA Autumn Class and it really started to bother me while embroidering. I was determined to not stop, so I wrapped a cold papertowel around my arm and taped it there!!

I haven't got it entirely finished yet but hope to complete it tomorrow night. I am going to use it for the highlights from our summer.

I was bad tonight and went to the movies instead of finishing it!!I was so excited to see this movie poster... I can't wait!

Well... I better go put my laundry away so I can acully get into bed. Hope your Wednesday was a good one!!


lydia said...

in the movie version of "coraline," she gets poison oak.
and her "other mother" puts mud on it to cure it.
you should try it!
maybe it'll work.
and plus, you can tell me if it's true! :) haha.

i'm pretty excited for "new moon," too.
can't wait!

chelseybell. said...

try the mud thing, because i've been wondering about that too!

i saw the newest trailer for new moon, and completely geeked out--like leaning forward with my mouth open and everything.

your embroidery looks really pretty!

Megan said...

Your project for class is so pretty! I love the fabric... is it vintage?

We should totally hang out and craft! And, as I have no friends that are girls and my hubby is completely dreading it... maybe we could see New Moon together!