Thursday, September 3, 2009

Home Improvement Journal

I finally started writing in my journal. It took me forever to get up the courage to do it. I am my own worst critic! I was afraid that I wouldn't like my handwriting or the way I draw! I finally just took a deep breath and went for it! Why was this so hard for me? But once I got started I couldn't stop! Here is a sneek peek into what I started. It is nothing fancy but here you go...

We are slowly doing home improvements throughout the house. I thought this journal would be helpful for me to jot down ideas as they popped into my head. The next room we are going to makeover is our bedroom and I am so excited. I can't decided on a color though. We had orginally planned to do a deep purple but now I am leaning more towards a peacock blue with accents of gray and pale yellow.

My brother Eric came over last night to watch The Room (a horrible yet very entertaining film) and cook out! He is moving at the end of this month to Madrid, Spain. He will be there until next July teaching English! I am so proud of him, but he will be missed. Thank goodness for Skype!Scot t and I are planning on visiting him over Spring Break. I was already day dreaming about the trip today!

I will miss you bubba!!

Tonight I started my first yoga class in a six class series. It felt so good and relaxing. We even got a foot massage at the end of class. I am so proud of myself for sticking to my gym routine for two weeks! Lets hope I can keep it up!

This weekend we are heading to Omaha so I can see this gal...

Scott and I are spending Saturday in Downtown Omaha and meeting up with the Millers on Sunday to celebrate their son, Kaden's 6th birthday! I have only missed one of his birthday parties. It has become a tradition for me, so I am really looking forward to our weekend.

What plans do you have over the Labor Day weekend?


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chelseybell. said...

my manmate comes home this weekend, and he's taking me on a date :).

i like your to do page, it reminds me of schoolhouse rock for some reason.