Friday, October 23, 2009

Chilli, brownies, and beer...Oh my!!

We are heading out to a chilli/beer party with some of my co-workers and friends tonight. Everyone is to bring their favorite beer for people to sample. Since I can't have beer due to the gluten, I am bringing my favorite!

It should be a nice relaxing ending that will probably end with us all playing The Game of Things! One of our favorite games ever!!

I have been thinking alot about apples lately. My favorite,Honeycrisps, are in season and I seriously have one every day! Yum!! I am going to try and bake a few apple goodies this weekend. Here are some pictures I fell in love with today while browsing apples!!

**All images found on** This website is amazing!!

Tomorrow we are heading to the very old town of Arrowrock, MO! They are having a haunted evening that involves candlelight tours of the old homes, walks through the town, graveyard, and a haunted walk through the woods! It is going to be so spoooooooky!

What plans do you have for the weekend?


Eric said...

I miss apple orchards. There aren't too many in the area here. I did buy some cider. It's very popular in Spain.

Carrie said...

Haunted tours how great. I went on one in Savannah Ga it was so fun!

Love all the apples I was going to make caramel apples this weekend but cheated and bought some already made :/