Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Fall Sweep!!

Poot and I spent our first day of Fall Break cleaning out our basement and organizing. Holy Smokes!! It looks like a brand new space! We took three car loads to our local thrift store! It felt good. After a day of hard work we celebrated by having a date night. Yummy mexican food was consumed and we went to see Bright Star. I was enamoured by the costumes and scenery!

Driving home tonight from the movie I felt so thankful to live in the area we do! Our little neighborhood in the city is like living in the country. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't see several of these roaming around.

They are so cute and friendly too. A few weeks ago Scott actually had one walk up to him and eat cat treats out of his hand! He was even able to pet it!

Last night I finally finished my leaf garland inspired by Elsie! I decided to hang it above our kitchen sink. I love it!

Speaking of Elsie...RVA did an update tonight and I am loving:

Tomorrow I plan on finally decorating my house for Halloween and starting some christmas gifts! I also think I know what type of ornament I am going to make for the swap so I need to get jumping on that!

What crafting things are you working on right now?



JenCoen said...

Looks like such a great movie!
Currently, I'm working on cleaning out my 'space' and working on some autumn embroidery. Getting my brain ready for Christmas gifts. hehe

Carrie said...

love the garland made a similar one for myself working on some embroidery and Halloween stuff!

Have a great weekend!

Melissa said...

Now I want to see the movie even more after seeing those pictures!!

melisa said...

aw, your garland is beautiful!
i love the third still from that movie where she's in the field of purple looks so serene and dreamy.