Friday, October 9, 2009

Feeding my decorating desires...

This is the first time Scott and I have had a weekend with no plans for a long time. I am taking this time to really clean and purge our home of the things we don't use or need. I will try and take some pictures of my progress! And I am still thinking that I will do some giveaways next week of some crafting supplies I don't need or use. It will be a mix of scrapbooking supplies, yarn, and fabric, so make sure to check back!

Here is some *pretties* that I found today while browsing apartment therapy. If you haven't checked this website out, it is a MUST!! I could spend all day on it.

Oh...aren't all these rooms just lovely??
I would love to happen upon a couch like that someday while thrifting! I always have my eye out for that perfect vintage couch.

I hope everyone has a super weekend! I didn't think Friday would ever get here. Tonight we are having Thai for dinner and then snuggling on the couch to catch up on our tv shows while sipping on some hot apple cider! I need to relax a little before I start cleaning. (At least that is what I am telling myself!)


Becky said...

One: I make a granny square!!! Finally!
Two: I love the third room -I NEED the third room :)

Have a wonderful weekend!

vivianna said...

i want to live in each photo!
Have a great weekend

Jamie said...

Such a cute blog you have here!!! You won a giveaway on my bloggity blog!!! =)
Beautiful pics!!!