Monday, October 26, 2009

Get a jump start on your holiday shopping...

while helping this amazing gal!

I started reading Jamie's blog ( a few months back and she is such a sweetie. She was recently diagnosised with MS and has hit some rough patches. This week she is doing a silent auction for the most amazing basket of goodies!

Go to her blog to find out all the info.

You should also check out her etsy shop!! There is a link to it on her blog but here are some of my favorites. I have pledged to only give handmade items this holiday season so what a great shop to start my shopping! I have a hard time not buying anything for myself though!

She will be adding things to her shop all week. I think I am going to go buy that embroidery hoop right now! Scott and I love the office and will look so cute in our living room!


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Jamie said...

Thank you, sweet girl!