Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Let it Snow!

*image found on weheartit.com*
This morning I woke up to find a nice white blanket of snow on the ground! Of course it has already melted away, but I enjoyed it while it was here. I never really am ready for snow but then when I see it I am reminded how peaceful and still the world seems.

I can't stop thinking about decorating for Christmas today. Maybe it is because of the snow and the fact that we are listening to Christmas music here at work. Yesterday I went and bought some pretty colors of yarn to make this:

You can find the tutorial here: www.prudentbaby.blogspot.com

I am going to put up my christmas tree this weekend. We have a white tree and I try to alternate how I decorate it. Last year I did the whole hodge podge of ornaments that Scott and I have had since we were young. This year I am going to decorate it with all pink, turquios and silver! Here some photos I found on weheartit.com today that have been feeding my decorating needs!

I think I want to try this finger knitting too and make some pink garland to go around my tree.

You can find the tutorial at: www.katherinejalaty.com

What holiday projects are you working on?


Anonymous said...

Amber that first photo of the first blanket of snow is beautiful! You're right...it seems so peaceful and serene doesn't it. Enjoy putting up your tree and decorating it.
We don't put ours up until mid December...we usually go chop it down ourselves from a tree farm.
Great wreath! xx

krista said...

that xmas stuff is so cute and kitschy! the hubby and i are waiting till the day after thanksgiving to decorate, but i wanna do it now!

great job on the wreath, i love it!

krista said...

...oh yeah, i'm so jealous of your white tree. i want a fake colored tree soooo badly, but the hubby insists we have a real one again. this year i may make him vaccume after xmas. :)

Carrie said...

I am making a wreath very similar! I bought a pink tree for my kitchen today :)

Snow I love snow just never see any

have a lovely day!


Vera said...

Hi Amber :)

We're busy with Sinterklaas, so i have to wait with my xmas tree ;)
If you like pink.. check out my blog & scroll down, let me know what you think :) <3

chelseybell. said...

i debated FOREVER over if I wanted a white tree or not--i think they can be sooo pretty when decorated well.

and they remind me of edward scissorhands--didn't the family he stayed with have a white tree?

Jenni said...

oh fun!!!! I was so excited this morning when I saw the snow, but by the time I got outside it was gone. :( I'm excited for the first big snow filled with soft falling snow and snowdrifts. I think my little girls are going to go crazy barking and romping and digging! (It will be their first snow)

SJ said...

I LOVE white trees! They're so wonderful. I have a little silver tree for my bedroom, I can't wait to decorate it!

I can't believe it's the holiday season. WEIRD.

Anonymous said...

the christmas trees are so pretty. I'm not a big fan of artifical treets but a pink or white one might change my mind!
I have never heard of finger knitting before. I'll have to check it out!