Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Twilight Zone...

This past Friday felt like I was in the Twilight Zone! I had a very long day at work and a lot of weird things happen to me. My evening ended by getting pulled over for having a tail light out! The officer was gone for a very long time and when he came back to my window he gave me a scare!

Officer:"Well, I have good news and I have bad news. The good news is that I am not going to give you a ticket. The bad news is that you have a warrant out for your arrest!"
Amber: "WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Officer: "You sound suprised!"
Amber:"Yes I am suprised! What are you talking about? What is it for?"
Officer: "An unpaid parking ticket"
Amber: "What??? I have never had a parking ticket!"
Officer:"Mmmm...hmmm...maybe someone got when they borrowed your car?"
Amber:"Maybe? Do you know when it occured?"
Officer:"No it doesn't tell me. I would suggest you go to your nearest police station with $50.00 cash and take care of it"
Amber:"Okay" while trying to hold back my tears.

I immediatly went home and had Poot take me the police station...the entire time I am fuming that I am going to have to pay for something I never did! We walk into the police station where I retell my story to the cop. He takes my information and looks up the information in regards to the ticket. The cop asks me if I have ever owned a four door white chevy pickup? Ummm...NO! I have not!! He proceds to smile and says "Well its not your ticket!" Ok...seriously??? They just about gave me a heart attack!!!

It took me awhile to calm down after needless to say there wasn't much relaxing on my couch! I did manage to finish this cookbook and bookmark for Kerry's birthday! I love how it turned out. Here are a few pages I did:

I also finished my mother in laws headband for her Halloween Costume:

and my pirate headband that my kitty Babakeenya proudly modeled for me:

Our Halloween party was so fun! I will post pictures tomorrow! Today is our dear friend Kerry's birthday! We celebrated today by hitting a local winery to enjoy a bottle of wine while taking in the 70 degree weather! We then filled our bellies with some delicious Indian Cuisine! Our evening ended by going through the Chambers of Poe haunted house! It was crazy!! It was a great way to celebrate! I love ya Kerry!! Thanks for always making me laugh!

Hope everyones weekend was spooktacular!!


Catherine Holman said...

You little jail bird! Don't make it sound as if you've never had this experience before. Just kidding!
Love ya and hope you have a better week!

Tailored Trash Queen said...

Woah! I would've broken down. Seriously would NOT have been able to keep the tears in. And I probably would've had a car full of screaming kids too!!!!! hahahahahaahah Glad it all worked out! Can't wait to see details from the Halloween partay!!!!!

Jamie said...

Oh goodness, girl! I'm glad it turned out ok! Hope you're having a wonderful Monday!!! xo

Tiffany =] said...

Your story made me laugh, which in turn brightened up my monday! I'm glad you didn't get arrested or have to pay for that ticket!!! Adorable headbands too!
<3 tiffany

P.S - i still need your mailing address!!! =]

Anonymous said...

You definitely don't live a boring life! I love tuning into your escapades & crafting ideas. I'm still trying to figure out how to "win" a coffee cozee.. they are so cute! Deb

chelseybell. said...

i would have freaked. every experience i've ever had with police has been a bad one (and i've never done anything!).

thankfully you didn't have to pay the ticket!

Anonymous said...

I love love loooove my cookbook! Thank you! Already added some more recipes (my attempt at being productive while Keith and I vegged on the couch last night!:)
Last weekend was sucha blast. Thank you guys!