Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November Goals

*image found on weheartit.com**

*Finish ornaments from swap
*make Christmas planner from Rachel's tutorial
*redo entry way with Thanksgiving decor
*complete at least half of my handmade Christmas gifts
*Make a fall and winter wreath
*Organize my yarn
*Put up Christmas Tree before Thanksgiving!!
*Try to cook most of our meals at home
*Go to the gym 3 days a week
*Finish book....Have too!!!
*Get more sleep
*Journal once a week
*Keep up with posting on blog daily
*Have 50 readers by the end of the month! That is only 5 more!!

Now...Jamie at inspiredmess.blogspot.com tagged me and wanted to know what is in my purse! Well... I think I have discovered why my back hurts after shopping all day.

(Going from top left to right)*Hospital hello kitty id badge, planner, pink mp3 player, watermelon orbit gum, bag of makeup (so many lipsticks that I never wear), rolaids, snickers, hairbrush, two bottles of lotion(Sensual Amber and Coconut Lime Verbana), kleenex (a must!!), 4 tubes of chapstick, zipper pouch w/ pens*

*Purse from Avon, Vera Bradley wallet, olive green RVA nerd glasses, sunglasses, felt glasses holder, journal, and iphone*

I usually have a knitting or crocheting project in there on the weekends. I keep it in my work bag during the week!
So... I guess I will tag a few people on this: Chelsey, Carrie, Megan, and Janel! I want to see what is in your purse girls!!

Okay... I am off to cut out and sew my first Christmas ornament. I really hope it turns out well.


Tiffany =] said...

Nice goals! I thought that I would help you out with one...so now I am a follower! I thought that I already was but I guess not!! Good luck with all of your goals this month!

Vera said...

Hi Amber :)

I made my own christmas paper.You can read all about it on my blog :)
It's easy & doesn't take to much time!

Love the picture on the top & also the inside of your bag :)
Good luck with your Christmas ornament & your other goals!


Anonymous said...

Every purse needs a snickers bar! :) Great purse! Let us know how the Christmas ornament is coming along and good luck with the "getting more sleep" {don't we all} :) xx