Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Reminder & a Blog Game!!

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Happy Thursday! Just wanted to remind you that I will be drawing a winner tonight at 10pm(CST) from the 100th Post giveaway! You can enter three times by commenting on my 100th post, become a follwer of my blog, and blog about the giveaway. All this could be yours:

Janel posted this blog today and it sounds so fun. I hope you all will join in and play along. Here are the rules:

Comment on this post and name anything in my life you'd like to see a photo of! It can be where I sleep, my favorite things, the view from my living room window...anything!

On Sunday I will make a picture post showing you all of the things in my world you are interested in seeing!

If you decide to play along please leave me a link to your blog so I can follow along!!

I will be back tonight with a winner! Good Luck!


Carrie said...

oh how fun I think I am going to do this game too! I want see where you blog


Your package is going in the mail this afternoon!

Sherry said...

I would like to see your favorite project that you've done. Thanks for joining me in mine!

Jenni said...

I would like to see the view from when you are laying in bed at night. Wether you are reading a book, watching tv, etc? How do you unwind?

Jamie said...

I would love to see your favorite place in your yard, if you have one. Also, where you keep jewelry! ;)

Violet Bella said...

i honestly cant remember where i got the record player, but im sure if you look up online a record player that has all four in one with a retro look you will find it. its wood, very 70's looking.

chelseybell. said...

I'd like to see your crafting area--I remember seeing pictures of it after you guys had redone it, but it was still a mess from the renovation. even if its still a mess, i want to see it (i loooovvvveeeeeddddd the floor!).

the feed thingy is totally free!