Friday, January 22, 2010

My Birthday Wish List...

My birthday is just around the corner(10 days to be exact)...but who is counting? Okay I am. I love birthdays! I try to celebrate all week long! Am I the only one like this?
So to help my hubby out I thought I would put a wish list up for him and whoever else might like to see.
My Wish List

Any of these amazing pieces from Violet Bella

Skunkboy Creatures is having a shop update today at 3pm and I would love to have either one of these. Katie does such amazing work!

Some accessories for Aggie Mae (my Blythe) would be nice.

You can find these here I love both of those wigs so much!

This amazing print for our bedroom from artist
Casey O'Connell

I just recently came across her work and I love it all. Such an amazing artist! Go check her out!

One of these to store all my pictures on

It can be found here
This is such a cool device!!

And since I love popcorn so much one of these would be nice to have!

Since it is an "air popper" I won't feel as guilty eating so much popcorn!

Well... I hope everyone has an amazing weekend. We are having a game night tonight with some friends and tomorrow we are going to a birthday skating party! I am so excited. I am going to make sure and take my Fuji Insta Max with me to the skating rink! I am like a little kid and won't be able to sleep tonight! I can NOT wait to roller skate!! Sunday I am hoping to finally make a few Style School Projects!!


Jenni said...

oh how fun!!!! THat will be awesome!! Happy birthday! And I LOVE the earrings! So pretty!

Lindsay said...

wow what a fun wish list! I hope you get everything you ask for!!

Tiffany =] said...

I have one of those air poppers and it is pretty much amazing!!!! And light :] And I am counting down the minutes until Katie's shop update!!!! <3 cupcakes

XO tiff

Violet Bella said...

oh my you are too sweet! thank you so much!!!

and omg those blythe leggings are the cutest things ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


krista said...

i love my air popper! i really never liked microwave popcorn.

and a birthday list is a great idea! believe me when i say, i will be writing the same post in march before my b-day.

happy birthday! i hope you get everything you want.

S and O said...

oh I love your list!!!
I hope you get everything your wishing for:)
and Happy (early) birthday!!

Alexandra Mason said...

what a great birthday wish list! i love that painting, and the blythe wigs...i love popcorn too. Your not the only one who trys to celebrate their birthday all week :)

Hope you have fun skating xx

Anonymous said...

Casey O'Connell!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! Absolutely love her stuff, want one for every room in the new place!


Saving Capulet said...

I also covet those works from violet bella and skunkboy creatures. If only i have my card!! hands down they are the best ._. my favorite shops ever

christinaalessi said...

I'm a popcorn monster too.
I make it with oil which is SO bad (but SO good).
That necklace is gorge!