Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our New Year's Eve Extravaganza

Every year Scott and I host a New Year's Eve party at Poot Manor. This year was a 1950's theme but I honestly ran out of time and didn't get to search for the "perfect dress". It was a nice relaxing evening with some of our closest friends!

On New Year's Day we saw Leslie and the Ly's in concert. She is so entertaining and so nice!!

She really is so fun to see live! My favorite song is "Craft On". If I knew how to post her video I would but it is on youtube! I dedicate it to all my blogging friends!

We are off to see Nine tonight. I haven't heard very good reviews on it....but I love Daniel Day Lewis. I think I could watch him in a movie where he just painted a wall and be entertained. I will give you a full report tomorrow! Oh...and my craft room is complete! It is so pretty! I will take pictures and post them!



Anonymous said...

Looks like a great outing! Your pics are always so much fun. So real. :)
Let us know what you think of Nine...I'm curious.
Can't wait to see the craft room!!!xx

krista said...

i can't wait to see your craft room. i need some inspiration. i also gave you a happy award. :)