Monday, January 25, 2010

Questions Part One!

I had so much fun with these questions everyone asked. I am going to leave the box up on the ol' blog for another week so please please ask more!! Unless you don't really care...I don't want to force ya!

How do you spend your days? What's your occupation?
I wish I had a glamorous answer for you, but I don't! I work for a Prosthetic and Orthotic company as an office assistant. I have actually worked for them for 15 years! I started out part time when I graduated high school and worked summers and holidays while in college. I majored in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design and received a minor in business management. I however did not pursue that route after college and took a full time position with this company. I don't really talk about it much on my blog because it honestly is a negative aspect in my life right now. The company is great but it just isn't what I want to do with my life. But for now I work there during the day and at night you can find me crafting away at Poot Manor.

What part of KC are you from? Are you a city girl or a suburban lady?
I grew up outside of KC in a town called Excelsior Springs. Two Poots currently live north of the river in Kansas City. We love it here. It is hard to describe where we live because we do technically live in the city but we own almost three acres of land. We sit on top a very high hill and have an amazing view of the downtown skyline. I feel so blessed because we are luckty to live in both worlds really. Our house is a quaint little farmhouse within the city!

What is your favorite type of cookie?
This one is hard! Over the past 4 years I have eliminated gluten from my diet, but if I could have any cookie I would choose a snickerdoodle. My favorite gluten free cookie is a chocolate chip cookie I make using Pamela's gluten free pancake and baking mix. They are seriously better than "normal" chocolate chip cookies!

Are there any plans for any baby poots in the near future?
Absolutely!! Scott has a couple years left before getting his masters and then it is game on! I know I am not getting any younger!! Ha! No seriously, we both love children and can't wait to have a couple little poots of our own running around!!

I will post a second round of answers tomorrow! I am off to finish a couple Style School projects so that I can post them here soon (I know I keep saying I will) and to watch the last episode of Big Love (Seasonn 3). Oh how I wish I had HBO so we could get caught up with the fourth season!!
Happy Monday!!


Lindsay said...

oh I love these posts!! It's so much fun getting to know everyone :) Thanks for answering the questions!
P.S. Cant wait to see your Style School projects

Anonymous said...

I love big love too! This season is crazy. If you search enough online you can find it. :-)

Jenni said...

that's so awesome! We live just off to the side of the main city in Waldo :) I grew up in Independence. You are lucky to have such a gorgeous view!!!!!

Alexandra Mason said...

Great post, and i love the happy mail you recieved and sent :) xx

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

oy i use to be addicted to big love! but then i had to work when it would be on, so i've kinda lost touch with it. boo!

cant wait for the next batch of questions (that perhaps include some of mine, ha!) this whole questions thing is such a great add to blogs. i love it!

mart and lu said...

oh this is lovely...what a wonderful post. thank you for sharing. i still have a hard time doing this on my blog! hehe. i will have to come up with something to try this. i hope you have a lovely rest of the week!