Friday, February 26, 2010

Lovelies for your Friday afternoon...

Doing a little window shopping this afternoon and fell in love with:

This lovely print from Tollipop

These adorable thank you cards from The Black Apple. The first shop I ever bought anything from on Etsy. I love her stuff!!

These brooches from Enna.

This I heart Arkansas necklace holds a special place in my heart because that is where Scott proposed to me (in a diamond field while digging for diamonds)and where we got married. I think I NEED this necklace. Don't you? You can find most states here by Truche.

I want this print to hang in our entryway. I love it!! I love all the prints from
*All images found on Etsy and sources are listed*

What have you been "window" shopping for these days?


chelseybell. said...

okay, you have to get that necklace...because that is the sweetest story i have ever heard.

i love all of those prints!

i've been window shopping for everything, lol. bills take all the fun out of life!

Cat said...

These are great! Thanks for sharing! I definetely think you need that AR necklace! Did you get a diamond when you were digging?


Sarah said...

Aww, buy the necklace!

Not that I can afford anything (mmm, being a university student is awesome) but I have been eyeing these boots since the start of winter!

Jamie said...

Oh my goodness. I totally agree with Chelsey!!! You must get that necklace. Best engagement story ever!!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

aww that's very cute. I like that necklace. I'll have to get a CT one.

Becky said...

now I want salty tasty fries - thanks ;)
I want that state necklace too! Florida of course!

Gonna go check out that Tollipop shop