Sunday, March 21, 2010

First Day of Spring In KC...

Well...lets just say it didn't really go as I would of liked it to. We woke up to ALOT of snow and it did not stop all day. I think we ended up with around 8 inches total!! It did however give me an excuse to wear the new hat that my Aunt Paula crocheted for me! I love it!!!

Friday afternoon was so nice. Poot brought me home some flowers to brighten my day since I had been home sick!

I was able to sit outside for a little bit and enjoy the warmer weather which felt good on my achey bones! By late afternoon the temperature was dropping and by 11pm we were hit with snow! I took a picture of my phone to show that the crazy weather. I thought it was funny that it said the high was 64 degrees but there was a picture of snow too! Got to love the midwest!

Today it warmed up and the snow is already melting away! I hope our tulips survive!!! My parents just got back from their trip to Madrid, visiting my brother. They had a great time! Poot and I spent the afternoon browsing through all their photos and listening to their stories!! I really hope that Two Poots can join them next year if my brother decides to teach there again. It is such a beautiful place. Of course they brought us back some goodies that I can't wait to put up in Poot Manor!!

A Vino tile that is going to look amazing in our kitchen!!

And the most adorable owls!!

This weekend was so nice. I was able to recoup and finally feel normal again. Yay! I was able to finish my book and finally start on my granny squares!

I think I am well rested and ready to tackle a full week of work! Two Poots has also wrote up an exercise schedule for the week and I have a lot of crafting ideas floating around in this head of mine! I think it is going to be a great week!
How was your weekend? Where you able to enjoy the first day of Spring?


Anonymous said...

So glad you're feeling better Amber! I love your granny squares! the colours are great :)
Madrid is so wonderful...all of Spain is actually, great souvenirs your mom brought you back I especially love the tile! Happy Spring! xx

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

ough that's a lotta snow!
glad youre feeling better too! and yay for good hubbys that bring home flowers!! :) that's awesome.

hope you have an awesome monday!

Jamie said...

Glad you're feeling better! Love those owls and your flowers are beautiful!!!! Happy Monday!!!!xo

Alexandra Mason said...

glad your feeling better, i have the flu and am aching soooo much xx

Becky Farley said...

Booooooo snow!!!! I couldn't do it! I'm not kidding! lol All the extra stuff you have to do because of snow - geez lol

You can come and visit the sunshine here whenever you want! The two poots are welcome :) I'll cook or order pizza and we can crochet and craft all day! I'm not joking ;)

Eric said...

Did Mom and Dad tell you about the woman who talked to me forever about owls in one of the gift shops. She basically told me they are good-luck charms in Spain and that stone statues of them are popular in the Northwestern corner of the country. She even had us follow her to another shop so we could look at some more owls. Miss you and hope you can visit Spain next year!