Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to my Mermom....

(Doesn't it look like that fox is patting my head? Ha)
Tomorrow is my mother in laws birthday! We are heading up for a celebration at her house tonight with friends and family! Should be alot of fun! We call her mermom because she adores Mermaids!! ALOT!! Her house is decorated like a house on the beach. It is amazing.

Happy Birthday Mermom!! Thank you for:
*always making me laugh
*being yourself
*spoiling me like I am your own daugher
*supporting Scott in everything he does
*introducing Scott to the theatre
*putting Bianca up everytime I come to visit
*being my yoga partner
*being adventurous and giving that trait to Scott
*saying "Wonder"
*enjoying weekend winery trips

I am so proud to call you my Mermom! I love you!! Happy Birthday!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Mermom! She sounds like a great lady. Enjoy your weekend.
much love xoxo

Jamie said...

So sweet!!!!
Happy Birthday to Mermom!!! (love that you call her that, btw)
Hope you're having a great weekend!!!