Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm Walking on Sunshine..Woahhh!!

Although my body seems to be trying to fight off a cold, today was amazing! Today:
*it was 50 degrees and sunny!! Yes!
*I received an amazing bonus from work and it totally caught me off guard!! I am so blessed.
*I was able to talk to a dear friend that I haven't spoken to in over a year! It was so great to hear her voice!
*I was able to have Chipotle for dinner which is the only plus to having Poot work late.
*Poot was given an opprotunity to read to a group of people at KU tonight for 10 minutes and was paid for it!! Ten minutes folks!! Maybe I should consider marketing his voice!!
*This book is heading my way:

I mean really: Abraham Lincoln and Vampires? I can not wait to read this!! Has anyone else read it?
*I also have this adorable tshirt coming to Poot Manor:

I bought it today from Skunkboy Creatures
*I found some great pictures on Facebook today that I had to share. My dad has finally joined and downloaded some great pictures (sorry there might be alot)

This was taken after our wedding in Eureka Springs. That horse would not leave Scott's flower alone. As you can see I was very amused!

This is my Great Grandma who just turned 99! We call her Grandma Chickie because she has always lived on a farm and of course had chickens! My dad snapped this picture while she went outside to check on the progress of her new siding!

This is my favorite engagement picture of Poot and I!

How cute was my dad? I love this picture of him!

The true feelings came out after all these years! Just kidding...I love my brother!

Kerry posted some great pictures from our St. Louis trip! They had me chuckling so I thought I would share:

The best part about shopping for vinyl is finding the obscure and crazy albums!

Two very strange fish we found in the shark tank at the City Museum!

Starting our adventures at the City Museum!

Keith playing with the sucker fish the have started using in some salons for pedicures. I was too scared to try but man were his hands soft. I think he would of stayed there all night!

Contemplating whether we would actually trek back to St. Louis to see the midnight showing of The Room! This movie is bad it is good!

This is just a few things that made my day a little brighter! I hope your Thursday was just as bright!
**Still working on the tuturial...don't give up hope on me yet!


Lisa & Gerald said...

The weather here is beautiful too..Love the photo's.. Granny chickie Rocks...I love farm life too...Sounds like you had lots of fun..

Belen said...

Oh man, Seth Grahame-Smith?! Is he the guy that did Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? I can't wait to getting around to reading that book!!! And now I need to read this one that you posted about. :D

Anonymous said...

Your photos made me feel so comforted and nostalgic....what do you mean alot of pictures??? there weren't nearly enough! I want to see more :) I especially love your park bench engagement photo... xoxoxo

Carrie said...

Grandma Chickie how cute is she...I love the engagement photo its so cute!!!!

I hope you have a great weekend girlie ♥


Anonymous said...

Hi Amber! I forgot to mention above that I would LOVE to do a trade with you! What do you have in mind??
send me an email and we can plan.

Keek said...

:) See you soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

love the engagement photo of you two! so cute. :)

Tailored Trash Queen said...

I miss you! Hope that cold hasn't wiped you out! Love love love the pics and hope to see more soon!

LINDSAY said...

Love the pic with the horse sniffing the flower! Such a candid moment :)

Anonymous said...

Love City Museum!!!! One of my favorite places in StL! -Katie