Sunday, April 18, 2010

Giveaway Winner and Our Weekend!

There were 57 enteries for the birthday giveaway! I wrote out all the names and Poot helped cut them and mix them up in our bowl!

I then drew the winner!!

You wouldn't believe how many pictures we took before I didn't look silly and you could actually read the winner's name....................

Sarah you are the lucky winner! Congratulations! Please email me your address at

This weekend was my dear friend Lisa's birthday! We celebrated by going to breakfast, checking out the farmers market, and going to the Kansas City Toy Museum!

There was a special Barbie Exhibit at the museum and I was so proud of my Barbie Fashion Plate rubbing! I use to love those things as a kid...okay I still had fun doing it!

Here are some pictures of the amazing toys and miniatures inside:

The miniatures were amazing. The cross stitch pieces were actually done to scale! I would go blind trying to do that.

Two Poots consumed 3 lbs of strawberries this weekend! We sliced them up and put them on our frozen yogurt and I made gluten free strawberry scones. They were so yummy!

We also made homemade pizza!!

Last night we went to see some of Poot's old students in A Dark Play. The title did NOT was dark and it was a play. Ha! It was so good to catch up with them and to see their talent! I wore my new headband I got in my Happy Mail package from Dain!! I LOVE IT!!

I hope everyone had a good weekend. I am looking forward to this week. I will be busy finishing up my craft swap goodies and working on a few projects for Poot Manor. What are you looking forward to this week?


Sarah said...

Yayyy, just sent you an e-mail! <3<3<3

Thanks so much. :)

Jamie said...

You two are soooo cute together! I just love it! It looks like you're always having such a great time together! Makes me smile. =)
The headband from Dain looks soooo great on you! Hope you have a wonderful Monday!!! xoxo

dainjb said...

the headband looks SOO cute on you! i was way ahead of the game this month (for once i planned ahead since i knew this week was going to be crazy) -so i'm glad you got the package and enjoy it!! yeyyyyyy.


Anonymous said...

Oooooh! Your scones look so yummy! We had such a good morning with our Two Poots! Thanks for making my birthday special! Love ya! ~Lisa

Anonymous said...

ummm....P.S. That pizza looks soooo good! ~Lisa

Becky Farley said...

First- Yay for Sarah!! Whompwhomp for me ;) jk
Second - barbie rub plates!!!! Oh man I love those lol You could make their outfits - it was like being a fashion designer at 8 yo ;) I love that you went to a Barbie Exhibit :) Poot is a good man huh? lol

THat pizza looks so good!