Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Last night...

While Poot did this:

(Seriously our lawn mower could have its very own blog! Something crazy is always happening to it! This time the muffler decided to blow off the back and almost catch our grass on fire. Poot tried to move it around with his shoe but his flip flop melted when it touched it. So then we had to run down our big yard to it with buckets of water so that we could move it!! I am sure our neighbors think we are insane!!)

I planted all our goodies that we purchased at the City Market last Saturday!
Meet our succulents:

Wayne and Dorothy

Mabel I feel in love with her instantly!!

And our baby succulents:

These little guys were broken off in the contaniers we bought. The guy we bought them from said we could just stick them in some potting soil and they would root! It is a little experiment I have going on right now. We will see how it goes. I don't want to name them just yet:)

We also bought a couple different herbs to try this summer:

Mojito Mint and a Curry Plant. The curry plant smells amazing! Can't wait to cook with it!

And the supervisor of the evening was the neighbor stray Oliver! If my cats didn't dispise him so much I think I would take him in.

Well...Poot is heading out to try and finish up the rest of the mowing. Check back tomorrow to see if the saga of the mower continues! I am going to make us some chicken/mushroom/spinach enchiladas and green rice! YUM!!


Anonymous said...

Omigod you are too cute naming your plants :)

I hate lawn mowers...seriously wish we could have goats instead :)
We grow mojito mint too! my husband lives on mojitos all summer. xoxo

Jamie said...

Yum! Can I come over for dinner??? ;)
I was laughing while picturing you two running around your yard with buckets of water. lol
xo -j

Carrie said...

haha sorry I had to laugh at the visual of that we have the worst luck with our lawn mower too! I love all the plants :D


Becky Farley said...

:) you guys crack me up! Poor flipflop!
Dorothy, the plant, is one of my favorites! My grandma has them in her yarn and they are so different and pretty!
Mojito are my FAVORITE! You should visit Tampa, we have the best Mojitos at the Colombia restaurant and you can watch flamenco dancers! It's awesome!

Jenni said...

oh my goodness!!! We keep having lawn mower woes as well! Our yard is much smaller so its a push mower...and no fire....but it keeps being annoying :)

Dag said...

chicken/mushroom/spinach enchiladas? now that got me curious... wanna share the secrets??
i love your succulents, so beautiful!! i love the way these guys bloom!

chelseybell. said...

yummy dinner!

your plants are beautiful! i've been dying to get some hanging flower planters for my porch, but time and money are so fleeting these days. and, i would feel bad if i killed anything that had a good chance before i came along.

Tailored Trash Queen said...

OMG Laurie!!! My hubby tells me all the time he's going to buy some goats for the grass!!! We can't keep a mower! Must be one of the many joys of home ownership!!!

Amber said...

Laurie and Leslie...We seriously would love to own some goats but I think they are a lot of work. Maybe someday!!

Dag... I will post the recipe for my enchiladas and green rice later today. They were so yummy!

Jamie....YOu can come over for dinner anytime!