Sunday, May 23, 2010


Last Wednesday was Craft Night with Mom and Aunt Paula. We had orginally planned on starting our yo yo quilt, however, after my mother read that it was going to take 22 yards of fabric, we changed our minds!

Instead my mom is going to make a yo yo pillow! Here is the fabric she selected. It is going to go in her kitchen.

I think I screamed when I saw how small the yo yo's were after they were stitched. No wonder it takes 22 yards of fabric!!

My Aunt Paula finished up an adorable crochet vest for her grand daughter.

She pretty much just made that pattern up! It was loosely done off of a hoodie pattern. I have a LOT to learn from her.

I decided that I was going to start on my very first quilt. For years I have been buying vintage sheets and pillowcases. I have stored them away afraid to cut into them, but Rachel Denbow's quilt inspired me! Here is the fabric I decided to go with. I was able to cut all the squares out that I needed. My next step is deciding where I want them to go and then sewing them all together.

While there I browsed through this amazing Flea Market Style Magazine and found lots of things that inspired me. Here are a few that I took pictures of to file away for upcoming projects at Two Poots Manor.

I want to make this style of curtain for our sunroom.

Love this idea for using up some of my doilies.

Love the 50's style and who wouldn't want this in their home?

We have the perfect spot in our backyard for us to have an old farm table. It even has a tree close by so that I can hang a chandelier from it!! This has been a dream of mine for sometime. It would be the perfect place for us to entertain!

We worked like crazy this weekend in our yard. This Spring has been so wet in KC. It was first full weekend of sunshine. I will be back tomorrow to post lots of pictures of our garden and yard. I am quiet impressed with what we accomplished. We wouldn't of been able to get as much done without the help of my parents and our amazing friends. Hope you had an amazing weekend.


Jamie said...

I looove the colors of your mom's pillow and of your quilt!!! It's going to be sooo beautiful!!! Yes, the yoyos shrink up! ha! That would be A TON of fabric for a quilt. Wow! I didn't realize it would take so much!!!
And that last pic??? YOU MUST DO IT!!! That would be so gorgeous! Then I need to come over for a picnic. ;)

Carol Anne said...

Wow! Your aunt is so talented!!

Lilacanglia said...

the quilts are going to be fantastic,
your aunts crochet is just darling,
love the 50's,

Carrie said...

your quilt is going to be beautiful! I love the table outside :D


Jenni said...

WOW! I LOVE all of your fabrics!!! I can't wait to see you place them all and begin making this gorgeous quilt!!!!
PS-I'm having a giveaway on my blog for a beautiful carafe!

Becky Farley said...

Geez 22 yards lol I've never made even one yoyo, but my aunt and grandma make em. I love the way they look! Your colors are great!
I'm surprised this is your first quilt! I really like the fabrics you're using! I wanna be up there to help! :) I love putting quilts together - I do not like to actually quilt them though lol
I'm super impressed by your aunts crochet skills -No pattern too! :) She sounds like my aunt -she can do anything! Where as I sit there with a very confused look on my face lol.
Thank you thank you again for the scalloped edges pattern :)

~kjirsten~ said...

Love all your ideas!!! Yo-yos are soooo cute!!! That would be a lot of fabric for a quilt! You could make it a generation quilt and use fabric from clothes from people in your family and clothes from when you and scott were kids too. You could then work on it for years and then give it to one of your children or make two or three depending on how many baby poots you big poots have! :D

~kjirsten~ said...

Oh and tell your aunt that Olivia is a size 6 months...;) Just sayin'! :D...