Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Photos from my week....

This week involved:

me painting my nails to match my water bottle at work.

My coworker suprised me with the biggest bottle of vodka I have ever seen! I think it is going to take me awhile to finish this!!

I admired the beautiful Spring weather through my sunroof!

My parents cat, Bailey, supervised our craft night!

My mom got out her very first quilt she ever made. She did it all by hand in a quilting class! Last night we decided that our next craft project is going to be a quilt! I am so excited. I think we are going to do a yo yo quilt!

I don't believe my Aunt Paula has had a knot defeat her yet. She always ends up working on my yarn messes. Thank you you!

Working in our existing herb garden. Our cilantro came back in abundance this year! And for some reason the garlic and shallots we planted last year decided to sprout this year?!? We usually plant cherry tomatoes in this area next to our basil and have great results. This year we bought an heirloom tomato to add to the mix. I am so excited to try them. Along with the tomato, this week we planted chives, rosemary, basil, and cauliflower! Next week we are going to be working very hard on our box garden. I can not wait!

This weekend is going to be busy but so fun. We will be attending a theatre banquet, spending time with our mommas, shopping at a local/organic farmers market, and working in our yard! I can't wait.
What are your plans for the weekend??


chelseybell. said...

love the nails!

and thats the biggest bottle of booze i have ever seen.

and your craft supervisor is cute.

Carol Anne said...

awww I wish I lived closer to my mom so we could craft! Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out! And I agree with Chelsey, your craft supervisor is so cute!

Catherine Holman said...

That herb garden would be so cute with a border of old dishes. Maybe we should check out some flea markets soon.
Love you!

Bonnie said...

I love those weather photographss!

My 9 month old tangled up 3 of my favorite colored yarns and I spent a week on them then ended up just having to cut them up into pieces. :( Lucky you have your aunt!


Carrie said...

love your nails! I can't wait to see your quilt I really want to make one this summer :D we are working on our garden this weekend!

I hope you have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Your nails are great! and the ring is FAB!
I adore your cute little garden, a vintage plate border would be perfect to frame it.

Does your quilt have a predominent colour scheme or theme? Can't wait to see it!

Can I have a swig? ;)

Have a great weekend Sweetie! xo

Becky Farley said...

I of course love the orange nails :)
Your ring is very pretty too ps!
That is the BIGGEST bottle ever lol good luck!
Oh my goodness - the only cat I ever loved was a calico -Muffin - I was like 8 when I got her - she'd always want outside and I'd search for her for hours and then I'd give her a bath lolol and be all clawed up. I think I like Bailey the cat ;)
Your mom is very pretty and I'm super impressed with her quilt! Is it a sampler quilt? I've never done one, but I want to!
And I'm impressed with your gardening! Very impressed! Out of three - two are left and one is fading fast lol
Have a very wonderful weekend!

Lindsay said...

wow those are beautiful pics of the gorgeous weather!! Its so yuck here :(

And wow that is the biggest thing of vodka ever!!!

THat quilt is soooo pretty!! I want one badly!! I hope to make one this year!

Have a great weekend!

Kjirsten said...

First off your mom is sooo cute!!! Hi Cathy! :D
Love the nail color! Fun!
Yay for quilts!!! How cool that your mom has her first one and by nice!
Ummm...I need an Aunt Paula. I awlays get my yarn into a mess! lol
Have a great weekend!