Friday, June 4, 2010

It was a "woot woot" kind of day!

Today I sent off my final payment on my Jetta. I officially own it!! Last week I called to see what my payoff amount was because I knew I was getting close. I had to listen to the automated system four times before I burst into tears! This is going to help so much with Two Poots budget. Hallalujah!!

This was my reaction after putting my bill in the mailbox:

To celebrate we had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We had a giftcard that we have had since Christmas!! It was so delicious!

We have decided to start a Friday night tradition at Two Poots Manor. We are going to watch some of our favorite old movies. Tonight Poot has chosen to watch:

This week at craft night I worked on several pillows for my mother in law. She is on a garden tour in a couple of weeks so we are making cute pillows for her outdoor furniture. I also worked on a tank top for me!! I can't afford to go out and buy new clothes for our upcoming vacation,(am I the only one that wants new clothes for vacation??)so I am going to be embellishing several tops that I have around here.

I used an Old Navy tank top and embellished it with vintage fabric and doily.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am off to watch Roxanne!


Jenni said...

WOOHOO! Congrats! Thats so awesome!!! I can't wait until Spencer's car is paid off and I can go buy myself a new one...I am thinking Jetta! :) Do you love yours? How does it handle in the snow?
LOVE Roxanne :)

chelseybell. said...

numero uno: congratulations on paying off the car!!! i know that when i get some stuff paid off, i will definitely be saying some woot woots.

two: love your "new" tank top--very cute!!

Jamie said...

Congrats!!!! That's so awesome!!!! WooHoo!!! That's definitely cause for celebration!
No, you're not the only one that wants new clothes for vacation. I realized this week that we leave in 3 weeks and went into somewhat of a panic mode. ;)
Loooove the tank! I noticed it in the earlier pics of the post and was going to ask about it! So cute!!!! You are gorgeous! That pic of you at dinner is so great!
xoxo -j

Sasha said...

Congrats!! I agree that it's for sure a cause for celebration!!

I adore the tank you embellished! Have a lovely weekend!


Carrie said...

congrats that is awesome! I love the tank top!
And Roxanna is such a great movie!


Amber said...

Jenni.... I am going to be honest and say do NOT buy a Jetta. I have had nothing but trouble with it and it is so expensive to have them worked on. I will be driving mine until it dies which I am thinking is not too far down the road. Boo!! Have a great weekend!

Thanks everyone on the love for my "new" tank top. I can't wait to make more.

Cat said...

Wow, CONGRATS on paying off your car! That's so awesome! I ALWAYS want new clothes for a vacation...cute redo on the tank top!

I have a Jetta and I love mine! It's only a 08 but it's been great so far. I do agree it can get expensive to have it worked on, even just getting the oil changed. But, I think it handles snow well (only been stuck once).


~kjirsten~ said...

Yay for owning your car!!!! That must be a wonderful feeling!!! I am sooooo proud of you Amber!!! You are doing a great job!
Your tank is too stinkin cute!!!! It is always nice to have new clothes but you can wear your homemade ones with a smile on your face knowing you did it!!! It turned out great!

Becky Farley said...

Woot woot is right!!!! That is the BEST feeling EVER! I'm soooo happy for you! Plus your insurance will be less! I have a car payment again whompwhomp! Those two top pictures of you are GREAT and so cute!
I of course love the orange tank + the doily! :)
I want the sweet potato on Scott's plate please!

Just Sweet Love said...

Congrats on making that final payment!!! Can't wait to feel that feeling! :)

Love how you did up your tank! Very cute!!

Katie said...

I love the doily on your tank top! So sweet!