Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Carnival Fun...

I mentioned in a previous post that I am planning on redecorating our sun room in a Carnival Theme. I got the idea after seeing all of Emily's prints from her Lost on the Midway Collection. You can see all her wonderful pieces here.The Black Apple shop was where I made my first etsy purchase. She is such a talented artist. Here are a few of my favorites I would love to hang in our Sun Room:

I did purchase her postcard set from this collection and plan on hanging them as garland.

Becky sent me this doll pattern which will be perfect on the guest bed:

I then of course had to order these to go with the Siamese Twin pillow. I love that you can embroider the tattoos before sewing them. Adorable!!

Both of these doll patterns can be purchased at Spoonflower.
I am so excited to get started on the decorating. This will give me an excuse to pop in our dvds of Carnivale for a little more inspiration!

I highly recommend this show if you haven't seen it. It was a shame that it only lasted two seasons.
What is inspiring you these days?


Carrie said...

I love Carnivale! I can't wait to see your sun room!


carly. said...

i loooove the mermaid print, so pretty. and what a neat idea for a room! i can't wait to see it when it's finished!!

Becky Farley said...

I LOVE fairs, carnivals, circus folk SO much!! :)
I'm making the tattoo couple too! You'll probably make yours first!!! ;)
I haven't watched carnivale but I want to!! I love all those prints!!
Do you know I want a ferris wheel at my wedding :) I do! I'm pretty sure you can rent them! Plus where we live is near the carnie capital of the world lol

Jenni said...

Did you see Bravo's "Next great Artist"? A girl named Perrigrin from Kansas City was in the finals and her entire show was "carnival" themed!

PS-Don't forget to enter my "Letter Lovers" giveaway! http://jenni-helloworld.blogspot.com/2010/08/letter-lovers-giveaway.html

demilu said...

my first etsy purchase was from the black apple as well! i love your blog lots. and i recently purchased from your own etsy shop.

~kjirsten~ said...

I can't wait to see final pics of your sunroom! I love the idea and the postcards for a garland...so creative! You go girl!