Friday, August 6, 2010

Iphone Pics from this week...

Here is a look into our week thanks to my Iphone...

Scott and Boomer have a deep conversation over dinner.

Pretty flowers on my nightstand...thanks to my mother in law!!

Our new kitchen countertop! Love!!

Poot pickeled some of our banana peppers! Yum!!

I broke out my Chuck Taylor's!!

My Aunt Paula found some cards that were my great grandparents. We got a kick out of them. This one was my favorite. The saying inside just cracks me up!!

She let me pick one out to keep. I loved this one!!

I worked on a giant granny square afghan.

We hope to finish these this weekend. Poot started The Help last night and will probably finish it tonight!! I can't wait to read it next. I am not sure why it has taken me this long to read Confessions of a Shopaholic but it is hilarious!!

Happy Weekend!! Hope it is a great one!


Katie-Jane said...

I spy the Hipstamatic app, am I right?! I love that app! Photos are pretty cool, I esp like the flowers! :)

Anonymous said...

I REALLY wish I had an iphone so I could take these cool photos!!!

Amy said...

So, how was The Help? I just bought it this weekend, but am determined to finish my current read first! Love the idea of the week in review:) And thanks for the Hipstamatic app suggestion. Love it!!!

Amber said...

I haven't read The Help yet but Scott finished it in 14 hours!! He couldn't put it down. I also have two coworkers that said the same thing. I am excited to read it!
I am glad you are loving the Hipstamatic app. I find I use my iphone more to take pictures than my digital camera. Ha!
Can't wait to see your blog when it is up and running. Carter is soooo cute!!

Becky Farley said...

bahahaha poot and boomer! Goofs!
What pretty flowers!?
I LOVE me some hot peppers!!
Can't wait to see more on the afghan!
I was looking for bday cards and they now make retro cards, like ones our parents had - like the ones you have in this post. I was gonna take a picture, but I forgot lol

Always love your photos :)

chelseybell. said...

oh banana peppers. faves!

i like scott and boomer talking to one another. i'm sure its about time travel or alternate universes or something like that. you know, deep.

~kjirsten~ said...

great pics! thanks for sharing!