Sunday, September 19, 2010

Going Away Party

It seems like my brother just got back from his year trip to Spain, but next Wednesday he will be heading back again. I am so excited that he has been asked to teach English again, but will miss him sooo much!!! We threw a little going away party for him last night and had such a good time. We were up until 4am!! I am getting to old for that, I think.

We gave him some really nice going away gifts. Ha!

I always travel with a project! I felt like such a little old lady last night. Saturday I woke up with the most horrific back pain. I think I pulled something in my sleep. I wasn't very mobile yesterday and sat on a heating pad crocheting. I was the LIFE of the party.

Okay so I lied... Poot was the life of the party! We had some really bad storms blow through Kansas City last night. There were reports of teacup size hail! We were so thankful that we didn't get any of the giant hail! It was so fun to sit out in my mother in laws sun room and listen to the storms.

Good times were had! Eric... I love you so much and will miss you! Have a great time in Spain and soak it all up. Hopefully Two Poots will strike gold and get to come visit this year!

(This picture was taken at 4am so I am looking a little scary!)

Friday I had the day off from work and spent it with Kjirsten. It was so nice to catch up and get in a little girl time! We seriously could talk for days on end. It is crazy! We of course had to hit up our favorite little thrift store and found the most amazing pjs:

If they hadn't been $8 we would of been fighting over them. We crack ourselves up when looking at things there. We find ourselves saying "It is so cute, but not for $4!". Ha...we are cheap.
I found two Sassoon skirts for super cheap! Score! They fit me... Score! I wore the navy one to my brother's party last night:

Doesn't it look like I am in a Shell Shack in Florida? We were at the Mermaid Grotto (My mother in laws).

Well...I am off to relax a little in hopes that my back will start feeling better. Plus Poot is down with the flu! It is going to be a nice relaxing evening with Dexter here at Poot Manor.

How was your weekend?


Carol Anne said...

ha! I am the same way with thrifting. I will not pay much for anything. I always pass things up that are probably super cheap but I'm in the mindset to only pay a couple of dollars. Hope you and your husband feel better soon!

~kjirsten~ said...

We so should have checked if the pjs had a tail! Ha! :) Love you girl! Hope you and Scott get to feeling better! Can't wait till our next will be here fast! :DD

Becky Farley said...

poor lil poot! Is your back any better now? I'm telling you, check the bed! I forgot to tell you, when the boys broke the bed from jumping on it - did we fix it with nails and boards? NO way lol speaker - we put old speakers under the bed lol MY side of the bed! Rotten! lol but it's ok now!
That house is a tourist trap in FLorida for real!! :)
Thank goodness for Poot and Danny - the Life of the party! lol I could imagine having a party without my brother - it just wouldn't be as fun! And now from meeting Poot and know 100% he is the LIFE of any situation you are in lolol he's hilarious!!

Kijrsten looks soooooo cute in those pjs! :) I love how you would spend 8 bucks!!! I do that too!!!! Flea markets, my uncle taught me to say "will you take a dollar" lololol I'm so glad you two had fun together!! I need a girls day!!

You look super cute at 4am so shush!!!! And your brother is too cute!!!

PaperCameraScissor said...

gotta love those pjs but yikes the price. you could always find a clearance after christmas for pjs and they would be new and cheaper--:D

i have to laugh at the ocean theme nothing like wrong with running with a theme. i know of a few houses in my family like that.