Friday, September 24, 2010

So cute!!

Well now that I have a new little man in my life....I think he needs these:

Pattern found here.

Pattern found here.

Pattern found here.

This website is amazing for free patterns. I have printed off so many that I want to make. Just now need to find the time to make them!

**Correction...In order to actually view the free patterns you must sign up to become a member. It is quick and free....and worth it! The links I posted for the actual patterns will not work because I was logged into my account on that website. Sorry!**

Looking forward to the weekend. It is going to involve:
* a play reading
* bbq
* cleaning out closets/downsizing
* an etsy update!
* snuggling with Oliver
* catching up on the dvr (there are sooo many shows I need to watch!!)
* yard/garden cleanup
* fall decorating

What are your plans??


Anonymous said...

Those are adorable and you're so talented! I have much to catch up on...little man??? I haven't been gone that long have I ?? ;-)
Have a fabulous weekend! xox

Lilacanglia said...

those are wonderful,
have a great weekend,
we are busy building a shed and dismantling a playhouse if weather is not to wet,

Amber said...

You didn't miss anything. I am not pregnant. Our cousin just had a little boy this past week.
Have a great weekend.

Carrie said...

Sounds like you are going to have a great weekend! I am working on our swap this weekend so I can get in the mail!

Have a great one


chelseybell. said...

plans: sleeping in!

isn't that any busy person's perpetual plan? haha.

those bibs are the cutest!

Becky Farley said...

boooo blogger eat my first comment!!

It said - rotten tot!!!! You must email me asap with cute stuff like this ;)
give oliver a snuggle for me!
and our weekend plans are ever changing and now we may be going to Harry Potter World and I'm more excited than Eli!

kym said...

Much thanks to you!! I received all my giveaway goodies. They really are great and I will find a good use for them! :-)

Please leave a little comment on my blog I'm having a small giveaway myself...

~kjirsten~ said...

What wonderful bibs! Love them! Sounds like you are busy this weekend!