Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thankful Tuesday...

In honor of Thanksgiving Day just around the corner, I thought I would do a list of 25 things I am thankful for!

1. My amazing hubby...Poot!!
2. My family
3. The freak squad (This is what we call our group of friends)
4. My job that allows me to have my weekends free!
5. My health
6. Delicious gluten free food
7. Poot Manor
8. My very own room to craft...or better yet store my craft supplies
9. My yarn stash!
10. A car that runs and is paid for!!
11. My blogging friends
12. Pandora to get me through the work day
13. My cute little gatos(kitties)
14. Netflix...to allow me to watch anything my heart desires
15. Etsy!!!!
16. Silly songs that Poot I make up and sing to each other
17. Blogs to inspire me daily
18. Red Wine
19. My work family
20. My record collection. I love coming home and cooking dinner while listening to some vinyl.
21. Hair dye...to wash those grays right out of my hair
22. Skype so we can talk to my brother who is living in Spain
23. Craft nights with my Mom and Aunt Paula
24. Coffee
25. Pumpkin anything...Pie, bread, creamer, pasta, cookies...Oh my!

What are you thankful for this year??
Happy Thanksgiving Day Eve! I can't wait to make my annual gluten free stuffing, eat some pumpkin roll, and watch the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade


Anonymous said...


Love your blog! I am a KC girl as well. :) Do you have a new or used record player? I am looking at some and need advice. I want to listen to vinyl too!

Laurie! said...

I agree - pumpkin anything is alright with me!!

I, too, have to start making gluten-free stuffing tonight. And I plan on working out while watching the parade Thursday morning in hopes that it offsets the amount of calories I will take in tomorrow night. lol

Becky Farley said...

:) oh Amber I LOVE your list! Really makes me wish we lived closer!!
ditto on the pumpkin anything ;)
I'm thankful for my sister being home safe and sound and staying at our house for a few days bc Eli worships her lolol it's so awesome!
I need to do a thankful list soon! :)

Lisa & Gerald said...

Hey you Thought I'd stop by and say hi...Happy Thankgiving...Give your mom a big hug for me tell her it's from her Canadian bloggy friend...Hope you have a wonderful Thanks giving....Hugs....