Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

So true... All you need is LOVE!! This was the craft I made for my Valentine Swap partner Erin. She made me the cutest owl earings and necklace. I will post a picture of them tomorrow.

This past weekend we celebrated Valentine's Day with our friends Jessica and Justin in Hermann, MO, visiting wineries. We had a blast!!


*I treated myself to some cinnamon bears!

*I wore some fancy pink heart tights!

*Poot suprised with some pretty flowers!

*Enjoyed some tasty chocolates!!

It was a great start to the week ahead! I hope you had an amazing Valentine's Day spent with loved ones and filled with chocolate!


Anonymous said...

your swap partner came out VERY lucky. I love it !!!!!! I am usually so much of a knitter but embroidery and cross stitch will not stop catching my eye !!!

Inspiring !

chelseybell. said...

love the tights!

hermann--you were like half an hour away from me!

happy valentine's!

Becky Farley said...

Those tights are my favorite! I'm stopping at Target tonight to see if they still have them! :)
Your embroidery is SO awesome!!! You need to make more! If you make them. people WILL buy them! ;)
Poot is sweet for the roses!! lol

Kerry said...

Those tights! So cute!!! And those roses- gorgeous! Fresh flowers are awesome... one of my favorite things. Sigh. Hint hint Keith in case you ever see this. ;)
I want to crawl in the box with those chocolates! My sweet tooth is OUT OF CONTROL! Haha. I never used to have one- I always wanted mashed potatoes for dessert... now I could eat my way through a sweet shop. Ugh! Whatever. I still want some of those chocolates! Let's go to Christopher Elbow- SOON! ;)