Sunday, February 20, 2011

Missouri Winery Weekend

Last weekend we headed to Hermann, Missouri to visit all the wineries in that area with our friends Jessica and Justin! It was definitely a weekend to remember full of laughter, wine, sleeping in, catching up,smelly water,karaoke, beautiful weather,and yummy food!

Of course we can't go on any trip without taking silly photos...

Visiting Missouri Wineries is one of Two Poots favorite past times. We are spoiled to have such amazing wineries so close to home! As of 2011 there were over 90 Missouri wineries and I believe we have been to almost 60!I guess we are kind of wine snobs, because we really only drink Missouri wines, or maybe that means we are hillbillies?? Ha!



Jana said...

Fuunnnnn! Now the hubs and I are inspired to visit MO wineries. How cool that they are so close!

Becky Farley said...

I LOVE your adventures!! Wine Weekendlol love it! Maybe Mags will have to come with me when I visit lol ;)

Those last two photos of you and poot are so cute!

Hey what's that yarn you're using?! I like it!!! :)

Hev said...

Hello from the Ozark Hills (Branson area). I imagine you have been down here to the Stone Hill Winery. Have you been to the St. James Winery by St. Louis? I like that one.

By the way, there ain't nothing wrong with being a Hillbilly. We are a proud folk.