Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The cutest little Nugget!

Oliver came to visit me last week and I couldn't get enough snuggles in!! What a cutie! He was so mesmerized by our kitties. I am happy to report that they let him pet them and they didn't freak out too bad! They haven't been around kids too much so it was nice to see them behave! Ha!

He loved looking at our sock monkey pillow I made, so I think I am going to have make him one of his own.

This picture melts my heart. He was getting soooo sleepy!

Thanks Kerry and Keith for bringing the little Nugget over! I am going to need all the practice I can get for when we have a little Poot of our own someday!



Catherine Holman said...

You'd make a great mother! He's so snuggly!

Kerry said...

Oliver feels so special! He is sitting in my lap right now, blushing. :) It's easy to see from the pics, he loves his Aunt Amber!

Becky Farley said...

Oh my gosh Kerry!!! He's so precious!!! I wanna snuggle him up!!! Look at Amber's smile!!! The poots need a pootlet! asap! ;)