Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Goal #2...New Afghan Designs

I love crocheting afghans, especially the giant granny squares! I wanted to give myself a challenge and decided to crochet two new styles of afghans to actually keep for Poot Manor!!

Here are the two designs that I have chosen...

I have actually started this one and have decided to use white and black. I have only done a couple of rows, so I as I progress a little more I will show some pictures.

The colors scheme I picked for this afghan is one of my favorites this Spring...aqua, peach, orange, and cream. I know that this is more "squares", but it is a little different.

I found these patterns in Tender Lovin' Care Afghans book. The cool thing is that book was less than $4!!

I can't wait to complete them.


P.S. I will be posting pictures of our legendary weekend soon!! Meatloaf was amazing!


Carrie said...

very pretty I cant wait to see them

chelseybell. said...

both of these patterns are really pretty. they'll look great!

Carol Anne said...

Oh they are pretty! I can't wait to see yours finished! I started a blanket with a similar pattern as the first one with minty green and chocolate brown but I was new to crocheting at the time so I gave up easily! I am itching to start crocheting some afghans!

Jamie said...

Ooo I love both of these! I am working on my own granny square afghan at the moment, I am half way done! I can't wait to see yours finished.

Becky Farley said...

you are so brave :)
I'm too scaried pants to try a new one! Come here and teach me! Two poots need a vacation?! ;)

I miss you lol I'm band from blogging at work - kinda, not really! I have to set an example and it sucks!!! ;)

Tanya said...

oh i just love those patterns! where did you find them??