Wednesday, June 29, 2011

52 Lists/ List 2: What I have learned traveling...

Since we have been on vacation I got a little behind on Kellie's 52 Weeks/52 List Project. List 2 couldn't come at a better time since it is all about travel.

List 2: What have I learned from traveling?

1. There is nothing better than the open road, mixed cds, and the wind in my hair. Scott and I prefer driving to flying. While I do love to fly, I have learned that going through small towns usually hold the best kept secrets!
Here are some of finds on our roadtrip through Texas and Oklahoma last week:

The Gristmill Restaraunt in Gruene, Texas served some of the best food on our trip!

Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma house over 600 flavors of soda!

This adorable whale was found in Catoosa, Oklahoma.

2. VRBO is the only way to go when trying to find a cheap and unique place to stay while traveling. We have used this site for almost every trip we have taken. We have not stayed in a bad place yet and have met some amazing owners too!!

3. Visiting National Parks can keep you entertained for hours! We spent almost an entire day exploring the Wichita Mountain Wildlife Refuge. Take a look at what we saw:

4. Always ask the locals where to eat. They will always lead you to the best places. We try to avoid most chain restaraunts while traveling since we can eat there anytime back home. We had lunch at Meers,home of the best burger in Oklahoma. In fact the Food Network voted it the third best in the US! 100% grass fed local longhorn beef=heaven on a plate!!

(That is a giant bowl of homemade vanilla ice cream!!)I really wish I could eat there everyweek!!

5. Overall I have learned that traveling renews my soul. I don't ever want to stop discovering what this world has to offer. Thank goodness Poot feels the same way!

What has traveling taught you?


Ames and Tash said...

Love your images :)

chelseybell. said...

i agree--i'd much rather drive because you get to see everything you'd miss if you flew.

looks like you guys found some great, unexpected stuff.

p.s. i thought your bowl of ice cream was mashed potatoes...and i got really hungry.

michael ann said...

all your pictures are so cute! i LOVE roadtrips, especially with my mr. having the chance to just talk and listen to music all. day. long. is my favorite thing to do with him :]

Alison said...

That looks like so much fun!! Things I have learned traveling:

1. Flying scares me, but I can do it, anyway.

2. You get to know who your companion really is when traveling together.

3. People are people anywhere and everywhere.

4. I enjoy wandering around new cities entirely alone and letting the day take its course without too much planning.

5. Eating where the locals do and experiencing events unique to specific places excites and inspires me. I want to always be seen as a respectful visitor rather than as a tourist.

Alison :)