Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Where there is water, we will follow...

Our vacation through Texas and Oklahoma ended up being centered around water because it was so hot! Here are all the watering holes we found:

Krause Springs

We loved:
*the fern covered cave that you could swim back into
*the rope swing
*a secret waterfall that we found by hiking
*delicious snowcones!!
It made me want to move to Texas right away so I could visit it every weekend.

Barton Springs

We loved:
*that it's a constant 68 degrees...brrr
*that it was a life saver for us after our car air conditioner stopped working
*that it is right in the middle of downtown Austin

Medicine Park Bath Lake

We loved:
*how beautiful this small cobblestone town was
*that this lake was smack dab in the middle of town
*that it was the only cool spot in Medicine Park, Oklahoma(it was 115 degrees while we were there)
*super cheap!! only $2 per person! Woot woot!

We also made sure to hit up Schlitterbaun Water Park in New Braunfels...

and we floated the Guadalupe River there also, but I didn't take my camera along. This was the only picture I snapped after we were done floating.

We got addicted and will be floating in Eminence, MO to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary! I can't wait!



chelseybell. said...

I went to eminence when i was around 12. it was fun, so I'm sure you and poot will make a time out of it.

you make me miss the water!

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

we have a place like that an hour or so away from here. it's the best!!! and love these photos!

O. said...

I love all that water!!! Looks like so much fun

Becky Farley said...

All these photos are amazing!!! Who needs beaches when you have watering holes!!! but please maybe move to FL one day hahaha!
Love the milkmaid braids! Wish I could do it!!

ps tell Kerry she's the best for leaving that sweet note on the baby love post! Kerry you're the best!!! :)