Monday, August 1, 2011

Pesto, Peaches, Preserves...Oh my!!

We picked up tons of peaches last week so we could preserve them for the winter! We were able to freeze six bags by using this method.

Who needs a vac machine when you have your husband, a straw, and ziploc baggies??

Poot also made the most amazing peach jam I have ever tasted! It made so much that we should have enough until the next peach season!

We also needed to do something with the massive amounts of basil that we had growing in our garden. We decided to make and freeze sun dried tomato basil pesto and regular basil pesto.

Poot Manor sits on three acres and this year we discovered that where our yard meets up with the woods are hundreds of wild raspberry bushes growing! Most of them have been eaten by the birds, but we were able to grab enough to make some Black Raspberry, Thyme, Lemon Jam. I love toast and jam for breakfast and won't have to buy any for a long time!

(These are our wild raspberries!)

I can't wait to enjoy the fresh taste of summer all year long!


Mila said...

YUM! I loove basil and pesto. Taste so fresh and yummy. I want some peach jam now :) I can't wait until we have an apartment to grow lots of healthy yums.

Carrie said...

yummy everything looks so good!!!


chelseybell. said...

ugh, you made me hungry!

all of your fruit looks so yummy.

Becky Farley said...

save me some! :)
love that photo of poot sucking the air out lol