Thursday, August 4, 2011

Save the tomatoes!!!

Tonight Poot was looking out the window at our little garden while doing the dishes (He is such a good husband),and he started screaming "Squirrel!Squirrel!Tomato!Squirrel!" I came rushing into the kitchen to see him pointing and trying to form a complete sentence and he finally spit out "Go get HIM!!"

I ran out our backdoor to find a squirrel carrying an almost ripe purple heirloom tomato away in his mouth. I threw my hands up in the air and charged towards him screaming for him to "Drop it NOW!". He seemed to understand me...dropping it very quickly and scampering away!

With the scorching heat this summer, our tomatoes are pretty much the only crop we have remaining, and we are NOT going to have it destroyed by squirrels! Ha...we showed him! Hopefully he went back to his family and told them "You know those tomatoes really aren't worth it and those people are crazy! Let's head down the street where they have a huge crop growing!"

If nothing else I am sure our neighbors got a good laugh!



Kaitlyn said...

That's too funny!

I picked some tomatoes from my garden today!

In our sea of love

chelseybell. said...

hilarious. this is one of the first things I read this morning, so I hope it sets the tone for the day.

you should make a big poot scarecrow with a motion detector that waves it's finger at squirrels/ other garden intruders. everyone would want one.

Kerry said...

Ditto Chelsey!! Ha!

Catherine Holman said...

I would love to have seen that!

Becky Farley said...

This is hilarious!!! hahahaha! Squirrels gotta eat ;)

~kjirsten~ said...

Love it! I wish I could have been there!
Missing you like crazy!