Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tuneful Thursday...Matt Nathanson

I recently started listening to Matt Nathanson when I found his most recent album on Amazon for $5! I pretty much have been listening to it since then nonstop!

Here are a couple of my favorites...



Jamie said...

I love him too! He opened for Lifehouse a couple years ago and was really great in concert. Love his new album!!! I'm currently obsessed with the new Mat Kearney album! <3!!!
Matt Nathanson is good make-out music. haha!

tiphaniefaith said...

I love Matt Nathanson!!! :)

Amber said...

Jamie...You crack me up!! He is good make out musice! I get to go see him live in a couple of weeks. He is opening for Maroon 5 and Train! Woot!

Eva said...

I had never heard of him! Thanks for introducing me :)