Monday, October 17, 2011

American Horror Story

Is anyone else watching this?? It is so haunting and engrossing! Plus the cast is amazing!

I really hope that it has a long run. It always seems that the shows Poot and I end up loving get cancelled!

What new Fall show(s) are you loving??


Carrie said...

I am loving it! I love The New Girl, Pam Am and Two Broke Girls

Molls @ O hushed October morning mild said...

We DVR this, Homeland, Two Broke Girls and now The Walking Dead then when we have time spend all day vegging out on the couch :) And I agree, they always seem to cancel our favorite shows too!

Amber said...

Carrie...I am loving New Girl and Pan Am also!!!

Molly... I so need to watch The Walking Dead. I am gonna put that in my Netflix que!!

Becky Farley said...

I saw this commercial - I'm curious now! :)
we don't watch alot of tv but we do watch Dexter, Boardwalk Empire (which Poot and you will love) and the office :) <3

Nicole_Tee said...

We do the same thing, Molls. We spend a night together watching shows we both like: American Horror Story, Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Parks & Recreation. I work for DISH Network so I end up getting hooked to a lot of different shows as I hear about them from co-workers. I also recently heard that subscribers of Directv may have blank screens next month instead of FX, National Geographic and a few others. It’s sad, but hopefully none of y’all have to worry about that, especially now that the mystery behind the murder house is being unraveled ;)