Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Kerry!

Today my cousin and dear friend Kerry turns 29....again!!!

Thank you for...
*always making me laugh
*being an amazing Kubb partner
*exposing me to some great music
*being an amazing thrifting buddy
*having the cutest baby in the world!!
*always being there for me!

I love you and hope you have an amazing day! Let's celebrate together soon!!!


Kerry said...

Well I'd forgotten all about those ol' St Louis POONTANGS!!! Ah hahaha!! Wow that really made me laugh! Thanks for the big birthday shout out AND for getting my age right!! I did have a lovely day and look forward to celebrating very soon with proper Poot company in proper Poot fashion.

Much, much love,
Your partner in crime (and Kubb)

triskelos said...

Happy Birthday, Kerry! Thanks to your blog i feel like I know her))

~kjirsten~ said...

Happy Birthday Kerry!
And your son is pretty darn adorable!!! Love the curls!