Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My Birthday Wish List....

A week from today I will be turning 35!!!! I can not believe it and I am kind of freaking out a little! To ease my mind about turning a year older I turned to some internet window shopping. Here is my birthday dream wish list:

My old MP3 player finally bit the dust and I would love to have this Ipod!!! I have been talking about this bad boy since Christmas. Needless to say Poot is getting really tired of hearing about it!

This album to add to my vinyl collection!

This adorable sweatshirt.

This tank from Skyline Fever!!!

I would love this hanging in our bedroom!

This little guy would look adorable hanging out on our bed!

And a birthday isn't complete without something from the amazing Laura from Violet Bella and Roots and Feathers! I have been drooling over this ring for some time now!

Isn't it crazy how a little window shopping can make you feel better??? Here's to turning 35!


miss teacups. said...

35? girl, you don't look a day over 25! honest.

also, good wishlist!
i want the gotye album on vinyl too...cheapest i saw it on ebay was $45 :(

Carrie said...

I am 37...35 is nothing :)

Love the wishlist I hope you get it all