Monday, January 9, 2012

Our Christmas 2011...

Wow... I can't believe that is already the second week in January!! These past few weeks have been a blur filled with house guests, laughter, consuming lots of yummy foods, and battling nasty colds! This year was the first time I have ever taken time off before Christmas. My plan was to give myself some extra time to finish up last minute gifts. My body had other plans and I came down with a terrible cold. But I was a trouper and didn't let it ruin our Christmas. And what a Christmas it was!! Two Poots were definitely spoiled this year!

*Poot loved the fancy bald eagle snuggie I made him!*

*The labels are my favorite part of the wrapping*

*Becky send us the most amazing box of goodies!*

*My mom crocheted us these adorable stockings!*

*Got me some fancy snow where is the snow??*

*Poot suprised me with the entire series of Friday Night Lights! Texas Forever!!*

*Suprised our friend Mark with some sexy pictures of Jason Bateman...his man crush.*

*Who killed Toby??*

*Fanciest cowl I ever did see thanks to my momma!*

*My parents got us a new flat screen tv and Bluray dvd player! We are fancy now!*

*Kjirsten made me this scarf which is exactly like the one I had been in love with on etsy for years!! She is the best!*

*My mother in law gave me the cutest owl mug ever which got lots of use that weekend. It was always full of hot tea.*

How was your Christmas? Did you or your loved ones catch a nasty bug?? What was your favorite part of Christmas?? Mine was definitely being able to spend quality time with friends and family! I always feel so blessed this time of year for all the amazing people in my life!



hannahstiff said...

Oh my gosh! Hello blogger soul mate! Office Clue? Love. Owl mug. I've got an owl collection. Tina Fey book. I love it! I just found your blog (via comment on another blog) and it's delightful! So glad i found you! Anyways, just started following your blog! Come by, say hi, and follow back if you feel like it:) XO
real budget, real busy, real body fashion:

~kjirsten~ said...

Aw love your Christmas pictures. Poot in his snuggie makes me litteraly lol. :-) And yes Texas forever! Oh I'm starting a new series...The Tudors.
Love you bunches!

Laurie! said...

We got a Bluray player for Christmas too! How do you like it? We had to go and buy some (discounted) Blurays from Amazon.

Oh Strumpets! said...

bahahahahaha LOVE poot's eagle snuggie lol what a nut!
Sweet label :)
Glad you like all your goodies!
YOur mom is always the craftiest!

super duper cute boots!

I got The Office Clue too ;)

Fanciest tv!! Wootwoot!

Love Kjirsten's scarf!!