Friday, January 27, 2012

Our New Years Celebration...

Every year we host a New Years Eve party! This year we asked that everyone come in their Pj's!!! It was a nice comfy evening with friends and family!!

We set up a little homemade "jam" station while listening to "jams" in our "jammies". Tee hee:)

We posted some paper up for people to write down their New Year's Resolutions...they got pretty crazy as the night wore on. I think the Whipped Vodka might be to blame!

On New Year's Day we have started a new tradition of cooking a big feast for our friends!! It was so amazing this year. I made my first Honey Glazed Gluten Free Rolls from scratch...oh my goodness were they good!!

There is nothing better than ringing in the New Year with the one's you love!!!

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Laurie! said...

I love the themed party idea! And you must post the recipe for those gluten-free rolls. They look yummy!