Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Family Heirlooms

My parents came across some amazing afghans a few weeks ago while going through some of my Great Grandma's things. My Grandma Chickie is celebrating 101 years of life this year!!! My Grandma has so many amazing handmade things tucked away that have never been used. Last year my mom found aprons that my Grandma had made when she was very young and they had never been worn! Such treasures and ones that I can't wait to pass down to our little Poots one day!

My mom knew that all us ladies in the family would love to have one of these afghans so she brought them home for each of us to pick one out. Oh man was it hard to choose....

I ended up picking the black granny square afghan in the top left corner of the last photo. There are a couple areas that need to be stitched back togther. Once that is done I am going to use it on our daybed in the sunroom! I will make sure to get pictures.



Velma said...

how awesome!!! She did an amazing job on each one! I would have a hard time picking too!! Happy Birthday to her!!

~kjirsten~ said...

Oh my word. That had to have been so hard to pick just one. Beautiful blankets.