Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What's on My Hook??

This past week I finally finished up a giant granny square afghan for our friends Trevor and Audra. I had given them a tiny granny square for Christmas with a little note saying that it would eventually become an afghan, so please return to me promplty. was Christmas in July for them!

Merry Christmas Trevor and Audra...Lol!

I think I might do a little tutorial on crocheting a giant granny square afghan. Would anyone be interested?? What is on your hook/needle this week??



chelseybell. said...

i would totally be interested in this tutorial! I've completely forgotten how to do even a simple granny square!!

i looovvveeee the colors in this afghan--so pretty!

Caleisha said...

I find that whenever I try to make a huge granny square, the edges get wavy. Is that normal? I figure I've done something wrong, but you can't really mess up a granny square... Do I just need to muscle through that part for it to straighten itself out?

Oh, and I love the color combo :)

shannah said...

I am currently working on a giant granny square afghan. I'm halfway finished. I'm also working on an amigurumi bunny. I want to make either a monkey or a dragon for my boyfriend for Valentine's day. I see blistered fingers in my near future!

But you have a cute blog and I am a proud new follower! If you want to drop by my blog, I am hosting a giveaway right now!