Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Knitting Fool

Sometime before Christmas, I decided that I was getting bored with crocheting and needed a challenge. I decided to dust off my knitting needles and give it another go. This time I went into it with an open mind and a little more knowledge (thanks to my momma) on the basic knitting and purling! I became hooked instantly and haven't looked back. I still crochet, don't get me wrong, but these days I can mostly be found carrying around a knitting project or two with me everywhere I go. I am known by some in my family as the bag lady. Lol!

Here are a few projects I have completed over the past few months:

A hat for our dear friend Mark for Christmas.

Blythe sized hats and scarves or new kitty accessories!

I made a few of these knitted cowls for Christmas gifts too.

Completed my first knitted baby blanket!

My first project with a cable stitch. This little pink beauty is going to be a cowl for myself! I am so close to finishing it!

A fun lacy shawl/cowl!

I think I am now ready to tackle socks and sweaters. Fingers crossed that I can figure it out. I have found several great patterns on Ravelry, as well as several books that I hope will guide me along the way.

What have you been crafting lately? If you are on Ravelry look me up! My username on there is Ambercox. If you are a crocheter or knitter and are not on Ravelry, you need to go sign up now!!!! It is such an amazing FREE site full of patterns, fellow crafters, and yarns for sale!



Andrea said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Rav! Such a great site! My username is prajaline :)

Alexandria Nolan said...

I need a cowl for christmas. K, thanks :o)
Your stuff looks amazing!

Catherine Holman said...

Good morning cute bag lady! See you for lunch tomorrow!

Cheryl Bailey said...

super cute stuff Amber! Wish I had half your talent! I only crochet but I have never heard of Waverly....I'm gonna have to look it up now!

Cheryl Bailey said...

oops.. meant ravelry. would you believe I'm watching the wizards of waverly place with my daughter right now? too confusing!

Meg Duffy said...

You need to check out my friends Jen's blog and podcast. She is a knitter from Boston and has an amazing podcast about all things crafty, but a good part is always knitting. She has a ravelry group I think with the same name as her blog/podcast. The link to her blog is:

Carol Anne said...

You are doing awesome with your knitting! I have been more into knitting lately too except I am not advancing as fast as you are! Everything looks awesome!

~kjirsten~ said...

All of your projects look amazing!!! The cable is beautiful! The Blythe and kitty hats made me smile. :) You are such a pro now. I love the look of knit. It is such a beautiful art. I am glad you took another go at it. You're a natural!