Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Primal Pit Paste: Product Review

Now that we are eating a clean diet, I am slowly replacing products around The Manor with clean products. First up was my deodorant! I had heard that aluminum was the main ingredient in women's deodorant, but honestly never thought much about it. I figured why would companies put it in their product if it is bad for you?? Well, after learning about the food industry, nothing surprises me anymore. Of course ingredients that honestly shouldn't be there are in most beauty products we use daily.

Aluminum is put into our deodorants to temporarily plug our sweat ducts, preventing us from sweating. It prevents us from doing something our body naturally needs and wants to do! There have been several studies (I won't go into detail here but if you are interested/concerned get out there and read about it)that have linked the use of aluminum deodorant to breast cancer, Alzheimer's disease,and kidney disease. thanks!

After doing research for days it seemed, I happened upon Primal Pit Paste. And like I always do, I spent hours reading reviews and decided this was the one for me! I chose the lavendar paste in the jar because it was a few dollars less then the stick and I really wasn't sure if it was going to work or if I would like it. I received my jar very quickly and was anxious to try it.

I have now been using Primal Pit Paste for a month and really like it! I won't lie, it took some getting use to! I am that girl that immediately hops out the shower and puts on deodorant because I can't stand that "wet" feeling. This was what I had the hardest time adjusting to,but within a few days I was use to it. Just because I am not dry doesn't mean I am stinky! Ha! This still allows my body to sweat, which we need, but I smell good while doing it! I have used this while doing my 90 minute hot yoga class (the room is over 100 degrees folks!) and came out smelling just fine! That was the true test and it passed!!

I am so happy to know that there are companies like this out there making such amazing products!! I will definitely be a Primal Pit Paste user for life! If you are interested in what goes into to Primal Pit Paste or want to read more reviews for yourself you can check them out here.

**I was not asked or paid by Primal Pit to review their product**
I will periodically post product reviews of items that I strongly stand behind, so stay tuned!!


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Rachel said...

Thanks for the review Amber! I am currently looking for a natural deoderant as well. I know, I can't believe what goes into products these days. Sometimes I think they are trying to kill us :/ That sounds horrible, but honestly, not too unrealistic these days..