Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What's on my needle??

Thought I would pop in here occasionally to show you what I am knitting/crocheting in my free time. (Man do I wish I had more time for that!)I can't have idle hands for too long,and whether I am knitting or crocheting, it calms my body and my mind. That my friend, is why I am always carrying yarn with me. If there is ever a free moment, yarn is usually in my hands!

I recently finished a yoga mat bag:

This was my first crochet project I have worked on in awhile.It was quick, easy, and fun!

Currently on my knitting needles is the Honey Cowl:

I have had this project in mind for awhile and it is the perfect thing to work on while catching up on the dvr!

We are heading out on a road trip soon, so of course I had to plan my knitting project for that. I will be working on my first sweater! I am a little nervous about this, but am up for the challenge! (See I told you that challenges motivate me!) I did some online yarn research and called several local yarn stores, trying to find the right yarn, but no one in the area had the right amount or color I was looking for. I finally ended up ordering it from Jimmy Beans Wool.

All eight skeins are successfully wound and ready to head out on the road with me!

What crafting things are you currently working on??



Alexandria Nolandia said...

AHHHHH! WANT WANT WANT!! I love the color!

~kjirsten~ said...

Love all of your goodies. Such a talented gal! <3